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Welcome to Asheville Glamping!

Welcome to Asheville Glamping! We rent out North Carolina's most unique camping accommodations where you can experience camping with a few more of the comforts offered in a traditional hotel. 

So what is Glamping anyway? Glamping is still camping with some, but not all, added amenities. We offer everything from tree houses and tent cabins, to vintage trailers and dome rentals with mountain views that will make you never want to leave! 

We are not a traditional campground and we aren't a 5 star resort either...come experience the great outdoors in a whole new way. Go Glamping in North Carolina and make your trip to Asheville an adventure!

Adapted from an article published by Business North Carolina by Taylor Wanbaugh

Camping doesn’t typically conjure up images of air conditioning, running water or electricity. But Joanna Cahill, 34, has managed to marry the ideas of luxury and the great outdoors with her business, Asheville Glamping. Cahill started the company in 2012 with a single yurt, which are tents built on collapsable frameworks. Now, she rents out 15 tents, yurts, vintage trailers and even a soon-to-be-built treehouse from $90 to $350 per night (with a two night minimum). Asheville Glamping comprises three different property sites, some open year-round, all within a 20-minute drive of downtown Asheville. The business has gained attention from media outlets including the Travel Channel and Buzzfeed . Cahill discussed her inspiration and motives in a recent interview.

How would you define glamping?

The way that we define it is that it’s still camping, but with more amenities. We are all about camping!

When some people hear the word [glamping], they think it’s completely different from camping. They hate camping and the outdoors and bugs and they are looking for something completely different: that’s a hotel. This is still camping but with more amenities for comfort. You’ve got something we never had when we were growing up: a real mattress, a real bed, a refrigerator inside your tent, electricity and AIR CONDITIONING.

Why glamp instead of camping or going to a hotel?

Our sites are unique and whimsical. Unlike a chain experience, everything we offer is different and unique. When I was a kid playing in the woods around my house, I used to be obsessed with building tree houses and forts. As I grew up I realized we are no longer encouraged to use our imaginations and play! Our sites are designed to spark the adult imagination and brings that playfulness back.